Evolving the Collective at Baukunst

Tyler Mincey

Co-Founder and GP at Baukunst

February 12, 2024

We’re excited to announce an evolution of Baukunst. As you know, we are a collective of creative technologists advancing the art of building companies at the frontiers of technology and design. To date, the collective has been a loose affiliation. This year, we are formalizing membership to enable new programs and possibilities.

We’re passionate advocates of Ecosystem over Egosystem. So what does that look like in practice? Membership is our first step in illustrating what collective action looks like to us in the context of company building and investing.

This year, we extended ~100 invitations for formal membership in our collective. These kindred-spirit builders include all founders of Baukunst portfolio companies, expert practitioners from diverse operational disciplines, close collaborators, storytellers, and community members.

Collective members will be plugged into the key activities of the fund operations: helping source investment opportunities, investigating emerging tech & market trends, and supporting the portfolio of investments.

In four parts, we’ll explain in detail a component of the membership features:

At Baukunst, we build companies. And also — we build the communities, experiences, products, and stories that shape how companies are built. The true art of building lies in setting the right culture and scene for something new and meaningful to begin, grow, scale, and endure.