Baukunst takes a collective approach to company building. We specialize in doing new things well.

We build companies. And also—we build the communities, experiences, and products that shape how companies are built.

The true art of building lies in setting the right culture and scene for something new & meaningful to begin, grow, scale, and endure.

Brian Eno

“A few years ago I came up with a new word. I was fed up with the old art-history idea of genius the notion that gifted individuals turn up out of nowhere and light the way for all the rest of us dummies to follow. I became (and still am) more and more convinced that the important changes in cultural history were actually the product of very large num­bers of people and circumstances conspiring to make something new. I call this ‘scenius’ - it means ‘the intelligence and intuition of a whole cul­tural scene’. It is the communal form of the concept of genius.”

Brian Eno


The Baukunst partnership has shipped over fifty first generation technology products (including the first iPhone) and co-founded multiple startups.

We have been the first check investor in over seventy technology companies and helped them scale to multi-billion dollar impact.

We are interdisciplinary technologists and invest as a team with founders at the center.

Axel Bichara

Co-Founder/General Partner

Co-founded two acquired startups. Raised & invested 
$2.8B as managing partner. Thirty years as first round lead investor & company builder. 
GP at Atlas Venture & Bolt.

Kate McAndrew

Co-Founder/General Partner

Over a decade as a first round lead investor & board member, investing in 100+ pre-seed companies. Built Bolt’s venture capital practice and community presence over two successful funds. Founder of Women In Hardware, the largest and longest running network for technical women in the hardware ecosystem.

Matt Thoms

Co-Founder/General Partner

Founding team & early operator/CEO at four emerging tech startups. Nine years as first round lead investor, company builder, & board member at 
Allied Minds & Bolt.

Tyler Mincey

Co-Founder/General Partner

Fifteen years design, 
product, & engineering, including leading teams that built the first iPhone and many generations of iPods. Founding team of Pearl Automation, five years investing at Bolt.

Mary Courtney-O'Sullivan


Over 25 years as a senior financial executive in global private equity, banking, and Big 4 CPA. Prev VP Finance at Advent International.

Fern Massar

Admin / Ops

Fifteen years of exec admin, operations, and event production across finance, fashion, startups, and hospitality. Textile artist.

Collective Members

Masters of their craft, able to define and redefine the bounds of their domain—not simply work within them.

Their subject matter expertise is interdisciplinary and deeply impactful during the magic early days of building products and companies.


Charles Adler

Co-founder, Lost Arts, Moon Creative Lab


Dulcie Madden

Co-founder / CEO Dig Energy, prev Rest Devices, The Engine


Ying Liu

CEO Blue Lake Packaging, Apple Director Manufacturing Ops and Sustainability


David Tupman

Apple iPhone/iPod VP Engineering


Braden Ball

Co-founder Threaded Manufacturing, prev Tesla, Rivian, Carbon

Supply Chain

Helen Wang

Chair of UCSD Institute for Supply Chain & Innovation, Google X, Apple, Foxconn


Steph Ango

CEO Obsidian, Host of Well Made podcast, Lumi 


Jeff Schox

Founding Partner Schox Patent Group

Creative Code

Zach Lieberman

MIT Media Lab, School for Poetic Computaton


Reggie James

Eternal CEO / 


Megan Klimen

Founding Officer Filecoin Foundation


Raul Gutierrez

Founder / CEO Picture Studio, prev Tinybop


Jean Olivieri

Fictiv COO, Apple, Space X, Motorola


Meghan Harvey

Co-founder / President Bindery, prev CSO Girl Friday Productions, Adidas


Matt Kaye

Co-Founder / CEO Bindery, prev Head of Product Patreon, Zillow, Amazon


Brian Sander

Apple Director iPod Eng, General Magic


Carson Darling

Co-founder / CTO Five Flute, prev Rest Devices


Alex Feerst

General Counsel Neurolink, Medium


Allan Yu

Co-founder at Synthetic Traffic, prev design at Shopify, Facebook, Google, Svpply


Laura Modi

Bobbie Co-founder, Airbnb


Josh Brewer

Abstract Co-founder, Twitter


Jesse Genet

Lumi Co-founder


Jacob Bijani

Co-Founder Synthetic Traffic, prev Tumblr, Electric Objects, Thinko


Hannah Donovan

Google, VSCO, Vine, Drip, Trash,


Bret Recor

Co-founder and Creative Director Box Clever


Jack Moldave

Co-founder / CTO Eyebot, prev Form Labs


Barry Corlett

Dyson, Microsoft Hololens, Apple Silicon


Josef Waltl

Founder / CEO Software Defined Automation, prev Microsoft Azure Industrial, AWS, Siemens


Nichole Rouillac

Founder and Creative Director at Level


Travis Schmeisser

Founder / CEO Omnibus, prev Design Director at Square, 80/20, Structure, Flight Labs


Ray Hatoyama

Sanrio CEO, Pokemon, LINE, DeNA, Mitsubishi


Dan Fink

Founder / CEO Elevate Foods, prev Butcherbox

Adv Materials

Lauryn Menard

Co-Founder + Creative Director at PROWL


William Burke

Co-Founder / CEO Five Flute, prev Cooper Perkins, Plethora


Matt Verminski

VP Eng Desktop Metal, Kiva, Amazon Robotics


Thomas Lipoma

Co-Founder / CTO Dig Energy, prev Rest Devices


Ryan Mason

Co-Founder Threaded Manufacturing, prev Square, Lambda School


Vadik Marmeladov

Founder LOT2046, Lapka


Nicholas Johnson

Founder / CEO Orange Charger, prev Tesla, LYT


Steve Reinmuth

Founder and Creative Director SOME DAYS, Nike, COLLINS


Cameron Koczon

Founder Fictive Kin, Lager


Matthias Hofmann

Co-founder / CEO Eyebot, Prev 123 SEE, Formlabs, EyeNetra

Work Culture

Sarah Hardy

Bobbie Co-founder, Airbnb


Jamie Wilkinson

DeWi Alliance, VHX, Vimeo, Kickstarter


and more...

We have ~100 members in total and slowly growing


Interdisciplinary in nature, creative technologists have unique insights into unexplored areas of opportunity.

They craft transformative product experiences, inspire teams along the way, and build companies we can be proud of.

The products and systems they design often defy comfortable categorization.


Technology inflection

  • Cloud democratizing AI, deep learning, & limitless data storage
  • Crypto protocols & blockchain enabling decentralized applications, networks, and currencies
  • Edge computing & system-on-chips putting secure, on-device AI & ML in your pocket
  • Capable, cheap sensors & next gen mobile networks changing the economics of data collection & analytics
  • On-demand, additive mfg & agile, data-driven supply chain accelerating design cycles & mass customization


Cultural change

  • Gen Z gaining disposable income & joining the workforce; Millennials becoming key corporate decision makers

  • Remote work & collaboration becoming the norm, 
reshaping community and work structures

  • Erosion of trust in traditional institutions and pending regulation of Big Tech

  • Consciousness raising around ad-based attention 
economy, data privacy, and income inequality
  • Consumer demand for climate crisis action influencing enterprises