Announcing our $100M fund to advance the art of building companies

Kate Preston McAndrew

October 24, 2022

We’re honored to announce that Baukunst has closed our inaugural $100M fund to lead pre-seed investments in companies at the frontiers of technology and design. The fund will be invested by Baukunst’s four equal General Partners: Kate McAndrew, Axel Bichara, Matt Thoms, and Tyler Mincey.

At a time of unprecedented technological and cultural change, we believe the most impactful companies of our lifetime will be founded by creative technologists, those who combine visionary thinking and expertise with powerful tools. They craft transformative product experiences, build companies we can be proud of, and inspire teams along the way.

We believe investing at pre-seed is worth specializing in. A founder’s first hires, first customers, and first products lay the groundwork for an enduring company. In the last 10 years, we have watched the foundational phase of company building be defined by party rounds and “foot in the door” investing, where investors place a small bet, sit back, and try to double down when the business gains traction. Our strategy is the opposite.

Our commitment to our founders is to go all-in at pre-seed. Baukunst will be the first to commit to investing, lead every round we invest in, and invest between $500K and $2M in each company, with a willingness to take the entire round or invest alongside strong partners. This is a high conviction strategy that allows us to partner deeply with each team who selects us as their lead investor, and gives us the capacity to dive into the art of building with them from the ground up. The early days are messy and magical, and they are what we live for.

United by entrepreneurial heritage, our Limited Partners include family offices built by extraordinary entrepreneurs, founders we have been fortunate to back previously, and both companies and individuals responsible for shipping groundbreaking products in technology and design, many of whom have joined our Creative Technologist Council. We can’t imagine a better group of people to build alongside. Thank you.

If you know of an exceptional person looking to begin a journey of company building, we would love to speak to them. Let’s get to work.