Unveiling Our First Investments at Baukunst

Tyler Mincey

GP at Baukunst

February 7, 2024

Today, we’re proud to publish the full list of investments that we’ve made to date at Baukunst.

We created Baukunst to gather exceptional builders at the frontiers of technology & design and equip them with the resources and ecosystem to actualize bold visions of the future.

You’ll see the types of companies these founders build are quite diverse: ranging from collaborative design tools, to more equitable content platforms, to climate-focused infrastructure.

We’ve backed thirteen companies (and counting), run by first time founders and seasoned operators and a former CEO of a publicly traded company. We specialize in being a pre-seed lead investor, founders’ first institutional partners, often right at company foundation.

Many teams are heads down building now, some have a product already in market. As a collective, we’ll be supporting each other with expertise and enthusiasm and sharing the stories of company building along the way.

We like to show more than tell. We look forward to adding to this list in the years to come and illustrating what we mean by advancing the art of building.